Friday, September 16, 2011

Artists in residence , Talk

Invitation to a Talk Material Response | Artists in Residence at CSMVS and Norwich Castle Museums Speakers: Bill Seaman, assistant head of museums based in Norfolk | Niranjan Jonnalagadda, an artist based in Chennai | Liz Ballard, an artist based in Norwich Date: Friday, 16 September, 11.30am-1pm Venue: Seminar Room, 1st Floor of the museum As part of a desire to extend internationalism within a cultural framework, a unique program called Stories of the World was developed to coincide with the next sports olympics to be held in London in 2012. In this cultural olympiad museums and art institutions in the UK find counterpart institutions in the world. A strand of this is a project called Material Response, where organisations in the East of England nave created links and exchanges with India, Pakistan, China and The Bahamas. This project is between an artist from India, and one from Norwich. Niranjan Jonnalagadda, who was in residence at the Norwich Castle Museum primarily focussed his research on a large 15th century Indian kalamkari hand painting in their textile collection. Liz Ballard is a visiting artist to the CSMVS from September to the first week of November this year, with an interest in water preservation and natural dyes, whose works take the form of watercolours, drawings, and spoken word performance, or within landscapes - dying pollutants flourescent with natural dyes in streams, or freezing dyes in water. For this residency, she has made traditional rain catchers in the garden, which will tie in with her research on the waterways in and beneath the museum and its disused fountain within the building. The layout of the garden is brought into dialogue with the gardens painted in natural dyes in the miniature paintings in the museum's collections, and the stylised floral borders of the folios. Liz is also in conversation with some of the migrant gardeners, originally from the caravan community of Banjaras, who work in the museum's garden, in spaces around the city and nearby areas. Bill Seaman will be talking about the role contemporary artists play within the museums in which he works, and some of the stories and histories shared between Norwich and India. Niranjan Jonnalagadda, will describe the findings of his residency, and his work within Paramparik Karigar. Liz Ballard will present her research process and her project at the CSMVS. The Lecture is Free and Open to All. Please extend this invitation to anyone you think may be interested. For more information contact Bilwa Kulkarni on 022 22844484; or write to Prince of Wales Museum | Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya 159-161 Mahatma Gandhi Road Bombay 400023 t +91 22 22029613 | | Unsubscribe

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