Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lens Flare - A Film Making and Art Festival celebrating Nature

Lens Flare - A Film Making & Art Festival celebrating Nature Fri Apr 20, 2012 2:34 am (PDT) The Lens Flare Project The Lens Flare Project is an Organization of Young and Vibrant Mass Media Practitioners and Creative Artists, who believe in the incredible power of films and art to transform lives and bring joy to people. We are a bunch of crazy guys, who want to channelize our art, knowledge and expertise to celebrate all the good and wonderful things around us, find out solutions and make lives simpler , things easier and fill the world with gratitude and happiness. Along the way, we want to discover and hangout with artists and mass-medians who think like us. Now this sounds too sage-like for people of our age who roam around in shorts (even at corporate meetings) but as Apple said in 1997 - Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do .

Our Vision Now, this is getting too 'elderly' for us but we so want to share with you, why we are doing what we are doing! Imagine a time, not too far away, when the choice of plunging into an Art form will not be synonymous to a difficult life full of struggle, pittance and the quest for that one good opportunity to shine. You wouldn't need to know a Certain Big Guy or be somehow related to someone, to experiment, learn and grow as an artist. Imagine a time, when people will reach you, and present you with projects you would love to do! When you could chat about your ideas freely with a fellow artist, without being super conscious of the details! When you would be able to earn respect, recognition and reward, just for doing things you love the most.... This is our dream. This is what we call The Lens Flare Project!

Lens Flare Every year, we will organize a massive Festival, with amazing contests and events, in which all those with an urge to create something, will get incredible opportunities to do so, and with their creations, help simplify lives and solve the greater problems of the society and the Corporate World. We call it Lens Flare. Lens Flare is a platform that connects the humungous pool of talent and creativity with the needs of a certain industry and the society at large. The idea is to create solutions through films and allied arts. Because we believe that films and art can transform the world, in magnificent ways. And so, we have chosen to begin this journey with Environment and Nature, which is not just the need of the hour, but a perfect start - because Nature is where art begins and finds its inspirations. Amazing! Sometimes, you just keep wondering at how the dots connect and things fall in place.... Isn't it?

The Mission Lens Flare should only exist, for building a platform which is open, free, simple and self-challenging, to give meaningful and lasting opportunities to talented film makers, artists, musicians and all those who enrich the medium, to challenge, explore and revolutionize the experience and culture of films, so as to make them ever more potent as agents of creative solutions, joy and celebration. This is starting to sound too 'Pledge' like, but we are sticking to it!

Lens Flare 2012 - A Message from our Chief Mentor - Naseeruddin Shah:

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