Saturday, August 16, 2014

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Asadi likes to think of his leaf artistry as a way of looking at the world differently, noticing the beauty of the nature around us in a new way. He originally began collecting fallen leaves as he noticed other people stomping all over them without noticing their color or beauty. He prefers to use maple leaves, for their inspiring shape as well as the availability of them in his area.
Inspired by paper cutting artists, Asadi decided to put his blade to the durable and tough leaves he would collect, revealing images as he worked. With his blade, the artist carefully uses the subtractive method to create pieces, cutting away eyes and stripes to reveal a tiger, thick curved lines showing an eagle’s head or splitting a leaf in two to create a more elaborate piece of art. Asadi also lets the shape of his found leaves inspire what he creates, turning oblong leaves into pictures of eyes or feathers.
Asadi’s cut leaves inspire a slew of autumn craft projects, challenging art and nature lovers to make their own creations out of fallen leaves.

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