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Reddy to Travel 22 - 28 April 2015 All India Art and Crafts Society, New Delhi 11 am to 7 pm daily

Reddy to Travel 
22 - 28 April 2015 
 All India Art and Crafts Society, New Delhi
11 am to 7 pm daily
1 Rafi Marg , New Delhi  -  11001 
The 'Workshop Model'  the JJ School of Arts Printmaking Studio and Clark House Initiative's pedagogical exercise in the form of a retrospective exhibition is in its 10th city, New Delhi, to which it returns after a similar retrospective at the IGNCA New Delhi,  curated by Robina Karode and Ram Rahman,  this exhibition follows the paths of Reddy and his workshops,  into art schools discussing his early experiments with Joan Miro and conversations with Brancussi,  Giacometti among others,  and most importantly Nandlal Bose,  through a set of drawings and prints that begin in Santiniketan, subsequently at Slade in London,  including his times in Paris particularly his interest in the Paris protests of 1968 and his move to New York where he made experimentation at the Cooper Union the conceptual basis of his practice.  
Krishna Reddy's Retrospective has traveled to the following institutions in the following cities:
1- Sir JJ School of Art , Bombay 
2- MSU  Baroda, Faculty Of Fine Art 
3- Bharti Vidhyapith, Pune
4- Lalit Kala Kendra, Patna, Bhihar
5- Kala Academy, Panjim, Goa
6- Lalit Kala Academy, Regional Centre, Chennai
7- Govt. Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur
8- Lalit Kala Academy, Regional Centre Bhubaneswar
9- All India Fine Arts And Craft Centre, New Delhi
The exhibition is slated to travel to Hyderabad,  Kochi,  Santiniketan ,  Guwahati and Lucknow in the coming months.  Apart from this Reddy has shown at the IGNCA , Kiran Nadar Museum of Art New Delhi,  Nature Morte independently,  and the Kadist Art Foundation,  Paris  &  Art Dubai Modern with the Clark House Initiative in the last two years.  The 'Workshop Model'  is made possible by the efforts of Judy Blum-Reddy, through  innovative forms of transportation to circumvent logistics,  and artist self-organising , thus remaining independent from the support of any art foundation or grant process.  
The Exhibition opens on the 22nd April 2015 at 5.30pm at the Galleries of the  ' All India art and crafts society', in the collaboration with Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai. Shri A. Ramachandran (Padma Bhushan and an Eminent painter) is the Chief Guest.
Curator: Prof. Anant Nikam , Incharge Printmaking Studio Sir JJ School of Art , Zasha Colah and Sumesh Sharma Clark House Initiative 
Assistant Curator: Shrinivas Mehetre & Sachin Bonde 
Exhibition Designer: Sachin Manchare and Atul Bangal 
- Sachin Bonde 2015 Bombay  
Krishna Reddy came to printmaking from sculpture, as printmaking allowed him a degree of spontaneity and experimentation , he liked the idea of edition making without losing the spontaneous act - often erased by spontaneity, Reddy now creates his first 3D print in where a drawing , a study for a bronze sculpture 1968 - 70 found in his archives by Nikhil Raunak and Judy Blum , and then converted into a 3D model by Amol K Patil & Poonam Jain in Bombay and finally printed at the Lasipalatsi Media Library for the city of Helsinki on the 15th of April. The drawings were one of his many sketches for a series of prints and sculptures for celebrating the Paris Protest of 1968 . The project was made possible through the invitation of curator and artist Ahmed Al-Nawas and the Checkpoint Helsinki.
"Dimensional Protest "
3 D Print - 15 cms
Helsinki Finland

We are pleased to announce the first of the Clark House Krishna Reddy-Judy Blum Fellows, Nikhil Raunak will begin his residency in New York this April for 3 months, during which he will research and use the studio facilities at Flux House 2. The residency is supported by Judy Blum and Krishna Reddy for young artists to come live and practice in New York. Raunak will archive Reddy's drawings and prepare a project on experimental printmaking through his interactions with Reddy.
Nikhil Raunak (1988) often works with cryptic codes that critique conceptual practice in the arts, inventing languages, creating videos and drawings that all stem from his study of graphic printmaking and portraiture.





Clark House Initiative, established in 2010 by Zasha Colah and Sumesh Sharma is a curatorial collaborative concerned with ideas of freedom. Strategies of  equality have informed their work, while experiments in re-reading of histories, and concerns of representation and visibility, are ways to imagine alternative economies and freedom. Clark House Initiative intends to actively recall political and artistic figures into contemporaneity, and to question the recent rise of fascism in India based on exaggerated rumours of economic prosperity and nationalist pride.

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