Sunday, July 29, 2018

Multi-talented artist #PallaviGuptaa showcase at #AuraArt

An Expression of Divinity Multi-talented artist Pallavi Guptaa has a lot of burgeoning creativity that she channelizes through her soulful art works, insightful books and spiritual poetry. Being a regular practitioner of kriya yoga for the past 12 years, all expressions in her art works are thus produced to bring to the silent observer a surge of energy that flows through her on to the canvas. Pallavi has been directly initiated and guided into the traditional form of Indian yogic practice by her Guru. These practices, which are meant to stimulate the energy centers, help her connect to the life force itself while reflecting both, the intensity of her initiations and the state of meditativeness which follow the activity. The colors she uses to express this are dark and luminous, and merge in harmony through her highly skilled multiple layering technique. The communication of balance and ultimate liberation is the one-pointed focus of her works. They convey a clear message of the great Possibility the human consciousness holds. In all her art, one encounters a profoundness that slowly draws you within as it gently reveals the realm of the artist’s inner world. The eye, an all seeing eye, shows up as a leitmotif in some of the works as if a witness to it all. The paintings evoke, within a perceptive observer, the balance between still presence and radiating love. An ardent worshipper of the feminine divine, Pallavi attributes all credit of her work to Shakti and considers herself but a mere medium for Her expressions. More works by the artist available at

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