Wednesday, December 4, 2019

#SudhirPatwardhan retrospective at #NationalGalleryOfModernArt, Mumbai, #TheGuild

#SudhirPatwardhan retrospective at #NationalGalleryOfModernArt, Mumbai, #TheGuild Retrospective of eminent artist Sudhir Patwardhan ‘Walking Through Soul City, Sudhir Patwardhan: A Retrospective’ curated by Nancy Adajania being presented by The Guild Art Gallery at National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai, previewing on 29th November 2019. The exhibition will continue until 12th February 2020. A number of conversation events are being organised during the exhibition period. The retrospective spans works from the 1970s to now. It would be a rare treat and occasion to be able to see a whole range of select and rare artworks from the 1970s onwards. They would include some rare and iconic works. A brief bio of the artist, his photograph and a couple of images of the artworks Sudhir Patwardhan was born in Pune in 1949. He graduated in medicine and worked as a Radiologist in the city of Thane, near Mumbai from 1975 to 2005. He took to art seriously while in medical college. Since 1979 his work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and has received wide critical as well as popular acclaim. He is an occasional writer and lecturer on art, and also a curator who has focused on introducing new audiences to contemporary art. In 2008 - 2009 he organized ‘Expanding Horizons’ an exhibition of thirty important contemporary artists’ and travelled with it to eight cities in Maharashtra, along with lectures, seminars and film shows on art. Apart from exhibition catalogues, five books on the artist’s work has been published. ‘The Complicit Observer’ The Art of Sudhir Patwardhan, by Ranjit Hoskote 2004 (Sakshi Gallery and Eminence Designs); ‘Chitrakar Sudhir Patwardhan’(in Marathi) by Padmakar Kulkarni 2005 (Lokvangmay Grih); ‘The Crafting of Reality, Sudhir Patwardhan: Drawings’, by Ranjit Hoskote 2007 (The Guild); ‘Rekhachitravichar’, Marathi translation of ‘The Crafting of Reality’ by Dilip Ranade, 2012 (Popular Prakashan); and ‘Hamsafar’ with an essay by R. Siva Kumar in English and by Vijay Kumar in Hindi, 2018 (Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal, and The Guild). The artist lives and works in Thane, near Mumbai. (Images, courtesy The Guild. Image copyright: Sudhir Patwardhan and The Guild) Current: Sculpsit: Between Thought and Action Curated by Sasha Altaf for Sunaparanta & The Guild Dipti & Dattaraj Salgaocar, Patrons Sunaparanta Akbar Padamsee, A. Ramachandran, Anupam Sud, Baiju Parthan, Gieve Patel, Gigi Scaria, Himmat Shah, Jyoti Bhatt, K. G. Subramanyan, N. N. Rimzon, Navjot Altaf, Rajkumar Korram, Shantibai, Sudhir Patwardhan and T. V. Santhosh Friday, 4 October - 22 December 2019 At Sunaparanta, Goa Centre For The Arts in collaboration with The Guild Forthcoming: Walking Through Soul City Sudhir Patwardhan: A Retrospective, Curated by Nancy Adajania with National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai and The Guild 29 November 2019 – 12 February 2020

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