Wednesday, March 6, 2024

A condolence Meeting for Late Ameen Sayani radio presenter extraordinaire

Rajeel Sayani on Mic,Mohammad Wajhiuddin, Shehbaz Siddiqui, adv Zubair Azmi Director Urdu Markaz, Ambarish Mishra senior journalist presided over the condolence meeting held for Radio Presenter Ameen Sayani at the Press Club, Mumbai on 5th March 2024
A condolence meeting taazyat in memory of Late Ameen Sayani was held on 5.3.24 at Mumbai Press Club Azad Maidan C S T by Urdu Markaz. Present were Rajeel Sayani son of Ameen Sayani, his wife, Senior Journalist Ambarish Mishra, Mohammad Wajhiuddin,Times of India, Amin Patel MLA , Shehbaz Siddiqui, Rafiq Maniar Songs Collector from Kalyan. Rajeel Sayani told that soon an Autobiography in memory of Late Ameen Sayani will be released. Ambarish Mishra told that Sayani created a cultural revolution in India and Wednesday night entire India would come to a standstill. Wajhiuddin opined that a memorial should be built to honor his life work. Adv.Zubair Azmi promised that Urdu Markaz will organize a Amin Sayani Memorial Lecture for students of broadcasting and connoseurs of radio announcing. Azmi also shed light on the various facets of Sayani - as a music lover, spelling out his nuances of broadcasting and pronouncing that Ameen Sayani was an ardent protagonist of Hindustani zabaan, a Gandhian, and a true son of Ganga jamuna Tehzeeb. Amin Patel MLA mumbadevi assured the gathering that a chowk after Ameen Sayani will be named as per his family wishes. Also present were Shakil Belker of Right way Educational Society, M H Nazim, Tariq Khan, and several journalists from Marathi, Hindi and other language newspapers.

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