Wednesday, August 5, 2015

e- Auction 26 Hindu Medival Coins


e-Auction 26 is Live Now!
 Category Highlights - Hindu Medieval Coins
Rashtrakutas (700-800 AD), Anonymous Copper Unit, 
about extremely fine, 
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Ohinda Dynasty, Samanta Deva (850-1000 AD)
Silver Jital...
Chouhans of Ranthambor, Jaitra Simha,
Silver Drachma...
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Yadava Dynasty, Ramachandra,
(1270-1311 AD), Gold Padmatanka
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Later Pandyas, Maravarman Sundara Pandian,
Copper Unit...
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Chola Empire,Uttam Chola, Silver Kahavanu,
about very fine, Rare.
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Banas of Madurai, Copper
Kasu about fine, Rare.
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Loharas, Kashmir, Harsha Deva about extremely fine.
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