Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ancient India Coins e-Auction 26

e-Auction 26 is Live Now!
Category Highlights- Coins Of Ancient India
Coinage of India, issued by Imperial dynasties and smaller middle kingdoms of India began during the 1st millennium BCE, and consisted mainly of copper and silver coins in its initial state. Scholars remain divided over the origins of Indian coinage.

Western Kshatrapas,
Vijayasena (AD 239-250)
Silver Drachma,  about
extrememly fine.
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Satavahana Dynasty,
Kocchiputasa Satkarni (100 BC)  Potin unit 
Very Rare.
Saurashtra (Gujrat),
(1st BC), Copper Unit
Obv: double swastika... about good.
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Satavahana Dynasty, Satkarni  I (100-200 AD)
Banvasi Region, about
extremely fine.
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City State, Eran (300-200 BC) Copper Unit 
Punch-marked coin,  
about extremely fine.
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Western Kshatrapas,
Vijayasena (239-250 AD)
Silver Drachma, ... about very fine.
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Gupta Dynasty, Skandagupta
(455-480 AD)
Silver Drachma, ... about extremely fine.
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Kidarites of Kashmir,  Kushana
Style Debase Gold dinar,
about very fine,
more info

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